The Terror Triptych

I discovered these sticky pad traps in a family basement and, in addition to being horrified, was intrigued to see that each individual pad had an animal “theme”— the macro creature that we identify with most closely, the lizard; the disdained camel crickets whose suffering is no less real because so many of us have no love for them; and the flour moths, whose evidence of suffering might have the most pathos, with trails of powder from their delicate wings leaving stains of their struggle on the adhesive.

My heartfelt thanks to Jennings Brody for having love for “the bugs” from the very beginning and for providing me with the best deadline a girl could have—a new Jennings store (Chet Miller) + pimento cheese at the opening!

UPDATE: The Terror Triptych will be in the Mint Museum's Coined in the South show, October 11, 2019—February 16, 2020


Lizard 30"x40" inches Crickets 30"x40" inches Moths 30"x40" inches